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your opinions on which proposed law would be most likely to be enacted and why.

chose one:  you’ll  politely  offer your opinions on which proposed law would be most likely to be enacted and why. Make sure to address comments your group members may have left you.  between 150 to 200 word  onlay for one of the proposed law below:

needed in 5 hours please.





1-Earth is a planet that people have to take care of, if people do not take care of it now, we will see the consequences in the future. Global warming is a problem that has been seen since many centuries now, and it will continue to be a problem if people do not make smarter choices. One of those smarter choices could be an alternative and safer choice when using gasoline for cars. Some researchers at the University of Cincinnati have researched about another better and safer choice for fuel, which includes coffee beans. A lot of car brands have started to use biofuel cars which are somewhat better for the environment than other cars. The United States is a country that should invest and also countries that have big populations. This will help clean the environment clean. The proposition that the University of Cincinnati made, is a good one and so is the one on the video about biodiesel in London. People would still be able to drink coffee but instead of the leftovers of the coffee beans, it would be used to make biodiesel out of it. We would have a better environment and promising future for everyone.




2-To discover a new law, is a rather difficult to answer and discover. As a construction management major and being in a construction course that talks about being sustainable, I would like to find innovative ways that would help a construction site be more green and eco-efficient. It is really difficult to think of something because of everything that is involved within a construction site that it would have to be in a budget. It can go both ways as being expensive or cheap (or a reasonable price). One idea is that there should be a possibility of running all (or at least some of the construction vehicles) run on electrictiy. As modern vehicles have grown towards fueling on electricity, which has really improved the environment by not producing toxic chemicals into the air, but also the fact that electricic vehicles have gone more miles per gallon (MPG). A majority of construction vehicles today run on diesel fuel which realeases toxic chemicals into the air which affects wildlife. Another good possiblity is that there should be greener routes for transporting construction materials which long routes may cause more emmissions into the air. Summary: make construction vehicles run on electricity and find alternative routes for transporting construction vehicles to and from the construction site.


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