Wrote a patient scenario including gender, age, living conditions, and thermoregulation problem.

Review your assigned text reading, especially the section regarding thermoregulation and thermal hazards for the older adult. Thermoregulation, as a concept in your nursing program, is defined as processes that control the body’s ability to regulate hot and cold internal and external stimuli in order to maintain a normal temperature and optimal functioning. Optimal functioning for the older adult is affected by all of the changes we have discussed thus far in this course.

After reviewing this module’s resources and learning about thermoregulation and hypo/hyperthermia signs and symptoms in one document:

  • Write a one page scenario on a client including gender, age, living conditions and the particular thermoregulation problem the client has.
  • List 8-10 nursing interventions with rationales you would anticipate on the care plan.
  • Use a bulleted format for this list.
  • Use scholarly/credible references.
  • Please cite your references at the end of the paper in APA format

Scoring Rubric:

Wrote a patient scenario including gender, age, living conditions, and thermoregulation problem.

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Listed 8-10 nursing actions to help the client recover from problems and to prevent future problems with rationales. 

Cited references in correct APA format.

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