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Write A post for chapter 1 “Genesis” that including two types of responses.

Write A post for chapter 1 “Genesis” that including two types of responses.

There are two types of responses you’ll be expected to write for the chapter 1 post: 1) Personal Reactions and 2) Key Literary Elements.



• Response #1 is an open ended question that asks you to log your thoughts and reactions on any aspect of the book (250 words).

For example of the sentence you may start like: (Regarding the first chapter, I thought that…..)

• Response #2 asks you to try to choose a specific literary element that you thought was prevalent in the section you’ve read, then you’ll focus on a specific scene (with quotes) and explain what significance you see in that scene. Remember to focus on things like character, an action, an image, a certain setting, a point of view issue, so on (250 words).


Remember that this includes your thoughts and feelings about the book. HOWEVER, what you must avoid doing is harshly judging the character, and I emphasize the ‘harshly’ here. Remember that this post is still a public forum and so you must restrain from berating and/or condemning aspects of the book outright, especially the characters. Of course you can express frustration, confusion, and even anger about something a character may say or do, but the goal here is to try to understand why they behave that way. You might also explore why you are having such a strong reaction to a character’s behavior. Your responses definitely express an opinion, but it must also be thoughtful and constructive

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