Workday Inc.

Workday Inc You should identify two strategic aims of the Workday Inc company. Imagine you are a consultant for the company. The task is to describe, analyse, and critically evaluate the ways in which the Balanced Scorecard, and appropriate management accounting topics examined in the course, could be used to pursue these strategic aims. Your report should draw on, and critically analyse, at least three of the academic research papers addressed in the course in developing your arguments. Your report should cover the following aspects: (a) Give a brief explanation of two strategic aims for your chosen company and a critique of how credible you believe they are in support of the company’s vision and mission. In the event that no aims are specifically stated in the Annual Report, you should develop strategic aims based upon your interpretation of the vision and mission of the company. In this case, provide the rationale for the aims you have identified. (b) Deploying the Balanced Score Card, establish appropriate objectives (with academic theory support) that would best give effect to the aims identified in (a) above. Critically discuss the quantitative and qualitative data that you would need to gather, and analyse, in order to give effect to the balanced objectives that will support these two aims. (c) Discuss the challenges (social, political, economic, technological, as well as more theoretical and technical accounting issues) that your chosen company could have in gathering and analysing the data (both quantitative and qualitative), and the quality of decisions that could be taken, based on the likely incomplete data available.

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