Will the Medicaid waivers allowing states to charge 4% premiums of family income while adding surcharges to the premiums of smokers negatively affect the goals of ACA and the safety net of the hospitals?

I need the introduction written. I will attach the proposal of this paper that has the topic as well as the outline, the outline for introduction is there to use as a writing guide, but feel free to expand as well. I will also attach a student sample of the introduction for you to see. It is passive writing, and should be written in past tense.

After writing what the paper would be all about briefly, you would follow the guide on the sample that shows “importance of the problem” “purpose of study” and then definitions which would be the terms used in the paper. If you do not understand any information, please ask me before you begin the paper so you can start the paper equipped with the knowledge/direction you need. There won’t really be any time for correction so please reach out. Also, the outline already has references, if you want, you can use some of those articles there, or use your own nut only peer-reviewed articles that can be accessed by me should be used. using articles that I have to pay to view them are not allowed, please. And articles of 3-4years only.

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