What will the world of beauty look like when the digital and physical world collide?

What will the world of beauty look like when the digital and physical world collide? What will drive that outcome? Here are some questions to consider: (Short Answers) Please make sure you answer this question in order. What trends do you see happening now in beauty? What trends do you foresee? What innovation or trend would you like to see? What new opportunities do you predict will arise? What problems will we need to solve in the beauty industry? What unmet needs can we cater to? What tools and knowledge sharing could catalyze trans formative platforms? Write a short answer to the above questions and upload your work. This is my Key Points for this Activity- ***Use this as a reference Manufacturing Process: Key Points The manufacturing process begins with an idea. The goal might be to make something new or to improve an existing product. These ideas often originate in the product development department. The next step is to create a brief. A brief outlines all the parameters needed to make the product successful and it includes as many details as possible. When the brief is ready, the labs can begin developing the formula. Once the formula is developed, the product developers test it for efficacy. They must verify that the product meets the criteria stated in the brief. If it does meet those criteria, they do even more testing, this time in greater depth. If the product passes testing, it is ready for scale-up. A scale-up is the process of making the product commercial, taking it from the lab to manufacturing. Not all scale-ups are successful! A pilot is the phase of the process where just a small quantity of the product is made. The pilot allows chemists, engineers, operations people, and product developers to observe. Once the pilot is successful, a full-scale production is run.

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