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What to include in the character reference letter?

When you are thinking about writing a character reference letter, you must know what are the key points you need to include in it. Read the following points to get the knowledge of what you are going to include in your letter:

  • The reason for writing a letter

Like every other letter, start your personal reference letter with an opening sentence stating the reason for writing the letter. Let’s take an example, you are going to provide a reference letter for Will Smith for a job requirement, then you need to initiate your letter with “I am writing to provide a personal reference for Will Smith, who I recommend strongly for the job that requires customer relationship management and sales growth.”

  • Relation with the person and years you have spent with him

In this section, you have to mention the relation of yours with the person for whom you are presenting the reference letter. This explanation also requires the length of time so that the reader or employer can build trust in him. Like, “Smith is my college friend, we have completed graduation together and he was a keen learner at that time. I have known him since we have taken admission in the University in 2010.”

  • Description of a person’s personality and capabilities

This part of the reference letter requires the description of the person’s abilities and skills matching with the position. You need to present details so that he will sound eligible for the desired post. For example, “Smith has great potential for learning and has strong decision-making skills even in adverse conditions. He usually helped us to make a strong relationship with professors and university’s members.” Your letter needs to demonstrate particular examples of times in which you have experienced the person’s capabilities.

  • Contact information for further queries

When you are going to end your reference letter, don’t forget to include your email or phone number. If the concerned person requires any further investigation or questions, he or she can approach you easily. This helps you to provide better communication and offer the right approach for whom you are presenting the reference letter or the one who is writing the letter to you.

  • Use simple and easy language for better understanding

Ensure you have used simple and easy language in your letter. Because the main motto of writing the letter is you are trying to convince someone to select your reference so that it sounds satisfying for the reader.

  • Don’t include colloquialisms

While writing a character reference letter, try to adopt an official tone as much as possible. When your letter reflects colloquialisms, the chance of satisfaction drops. As a result, you may not get the desired outcome for which you have written the letter.

  • Review the letter carefully

Once you have done with the writing part of the letter, ensure to read it twice so that no mistake will present in it. Because there is a chance of grammatical or spelling errors in your paper. As an alternative, you can submit the draft to the concerned person so that he or she can review the letter for its authenticity.

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