What is the use of the PEEL paragraph?

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What is the use of the PEEL paragraph?

The PEEL technique is used to write creative or academic essays. Its main goal is to help the writer engage the audience and make them enjoy your essay. It will keep the audience hold in your writing if the initial paragraph and the introductory lines are worth reading. While maintaining a good introduction, don’t ignore the quality. Craft the introductory paragraph to make the first impression appealing. The main goal of the essay should be to present the issue with solutions.

In academic writing, the paragraphs in PEEL writing depend on the number of arguments. The essays are a crucial part of education. There are several themes to design an essay, PEEL writing is one of them. While writing in PEEL format, the views and opinions should be of the writer himself.

The writer must back it up by giving well-supported examples and examples. Giving an explanation, using supportive evidence in favor of the arguments should be another step.

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The students will have to develop their writing techniques by planning various approaches that will help them write in-depth with proper evaluation and analysis.

The writer should be focussed on using clear arguments and keeping it to the point. It can be used in the expository, research paper, argumentative essay and personal writings. In any case, you use it, your paragraph should be framed using the PEEL writing style. Every paragraph should contain at least four sentences.

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