what is the projected stock price in 7 years?

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Ghost Riders Co. has an EPS of $1.68 that is expected to grow at 8.8 percent per year. If the PE ratio is 19.45 times, what is the projected stock price in 7 years?

Brickhouse is expected to pay a dividend of $2.45 and $2.18 over the next two years, respectively. After that, the company is expected to increase its annual dividend at 2.5 percent. What is the stock price today if the required return is 9.9 percent?
$25.00 $27.23 $33.21 $31.13 $29.03

You want a seat on the board of directors of Red Cow, Inc. The company has 245,000 shares of stock outstanding and the stock sells for $60 per share. There are currently 5 seats up for election. The company uses straight voting. How much will it cost you to guarantee that you will be elected to the board?

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$2,940,000 $2,450,060 $4,900,060 $6,615,054 $7,350,060

New Gadgets, Inc., currently pays no dividend but is expected to pay its first annual dividend of $5.40 per share exactly 5 years from today. After that, the dividends are expected to grow at 3.7 percent forever. If the required return is 12.3 percent, what is the price of the stock today?

$62.79 $39.48 $35.16 $46.06 $54.30

You are considering purchasing stock in Canyon Echo. You feel the company will increase its dividend at 4.2 percent indefinitely. The company just paid a dividend of $3.53 and you feel that the required return on the stock is 11.4 percent. What is the price per share of the company’s stock?

$51.09 $48.53 $30.96 $49.03 $45.98


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