What is the power of eminent domain

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Review Questions Module 5


Chapter 13

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1. What is the power of eminent domain?

2. How does a government normally exercise its power of eminent domain?

3. What is inverse condemnation?

4. What is the police power?

5. If you own a private airport, what limitations can you impose on use of the airports by others?

6. Can state and local governments regulate flight operations? Explain.


Chapter 14


1. Who is empowered to operate the use of navigable airspace over the U.S.?

2. As an aircraft owner and private pilot, as well as a sailing aficionado, you always like to fly over (over at a safe altitude and distance) with your closest friends as passengers to observe the annual sailing regatta put on by a local yacht club in an area under Class G (uncontrolled) airspace. The event comes around again tomorrow, and you and your passengers are especially excited because the nightly news just reported that the president of the United States will be a participant in this year`s event. Could this affect your plans? Why?


Chapter 15


1. Acting on a tip, law enforcement officers in a major U.S. city, take into custody a person believed to be one of the perpetrators in the massacre at Lod International Airport in Israel. Does the U.S. have jurisdiction to try the suspect in the U.S. court for this crime? Explain.

2. You are an auto mechanic by profession and own an airplane that is certified under a standard category airworthiness certificate. You desire to install an auxiliary fuel tank I the aircraft to enable you to fly nonstop to visit your kids at college, but were stunned by your FBO`s quoted price to obtain a certified tank and install it for you under an FAA Form 337. You have a fuel tank that`s the right size, although it isn`t FAA certified, and you know enough about fuel systems to install it and make it work. What are the possible legal consequences if you succeed?

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