What is the amount of the dividend to be paid in one year?

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A stock currently sells for $51. The dividend yield is 3.3 percent and the dividend growth rate is 4.6 percent. What is the amount of the dividend to be paid in one year?

$1.68 $1.53 $1.57 $1.61 $1.41

For the past six years, the stock price of Slippery Rock Mining has been increasing at a rate of 10.7 percent per year. Currently, the stock is selling for $89 per share and has a required return of 9.5 percent. What is the dividend yield?

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9.5% 1.2% 6.2% 10.5% 4.5%

Fowler is expected to pay a dividend of $1.89 one year from today and $2.04 two years from today. The company has a dividend payout ratio of 35 percent and the PE ratio is 19.35 times. If the required return on the company’s stock is 12.3 percent, what is the current stock price? $92.73 $89.43 $32.98 $51.46 $96.44

NU YU announced today that it will begin paying annual dividends. The first dividend will be paid next year in the amount of $.63 a share. The following dividends will be $.68, $.83, and $1.13 a share annually for the following three years, respectively. After that, dividends are projected to increase by 4.1 percent per year. How much are you willing to pay today to buy one share of this stock if your desired rate of return is 15 percent?

$2.11 $8.42 $11.23 $11.42 $10.79

McKerley Corp. has preferred stock outstanding that will pay an annual dividend of $4.00 per share with the first dividend exactly 10 years from today. If the required return is 3.66 percent, what is the current price of the stock?

$79.08 $76.29 $109.29 $73.60 $105.43

The stock in Up-Towne Movers is selling for $44.00 per share. Investors have a required return of 10 percent and expect the dividends to grow at 3.3 percent indefinitely. What was the dividend the company just paid?

$3.24 $2.59 $2.95 $2.77 $2.86

CDB stock is currently priced at $79. The company will pay a dividend of $5.45 next year and investors require a return of 11.9 percent on similar stocks. What is the dividend growth rate on this stock?

4.67% 6.04% 6.90% 4.75% 5.00%

The common stock of Sweet Treats is selling for $49.70 per share. The company is expected to have an annual dividend increase of 3.5 percent indefinitely and pay a dividend of $3.75 in one year. What is the total return on this stock?

12.44% 11.31% 12.44% 11.74% 11.05%

Stoneheart Group is expected to pay a dividend of $2.97 next year. The company’s dividend growth rate is expected to be 4.5 percent indefinitely and investors require a return of 10.7 percent on the company’s stock. What is the stock price?

$27.76 $47.90 $43.11 $50.06 $45.51


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