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What impact has drug abuse had on our society and the criminal justice system? 

This project will give you an opportunity to examine, research, and debate historical and current drug policies. It is a scenario-based assignment.


You have been asked to prepare a presentation on historical and current drug-control policies to present at a local high school. Include the following topics, and create a PowerPoint Presentation:



1. What impact has drug abuse had on our society and the criminal justice system?

2. Research five historical and current drug-control policies. Discuss the major elements of each policy.

3. Find a minimum of one peer-reviewed research article that discusses the effectiveness of drug-control policies. Discuss the major points of this article.

4. Debate the pros and cons of drug legalization and criminalization.

5. Predict the future of drug-control policy in the United States.


Once you have compiled your research, create a PowerPoint Presentation containing a minimum of 12 slides (not including your title slide and reference slide). The speaker notes section must be used to discuss specifics regarding the research you found. Use APA style to format your response, proofread your work, and then submit your assignment in Blackboard.


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