What do we mean by interdependency

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1) What do we mean by interdependency (1)? What does interdependence mean for who is impacted by environmental issues (1)?


2) What were the main drivers of the modern environmental movement in the United States – provide examples (1). Since, what have been the dominant modes of protection (1)?

3) Describe four key geographic concepts and provide an example for each (2).

4) Why are we abandoning the term ‘natural disaster’ (2)?

5)  (FILL IN THE BLANK) is to short term temperature and precipitation, while (FILL IN THE BLANK) is to decades long temperature and precipitation (2)

6) Describe the relationship between Earth’s Energy Budget and greenhouse gases in terms of climate change (2).

7)   Describe the concepts of mitigation and adaptation- how do they differ (2)?

8)   What is sustainability? Describe the three pillars and provide a critique of this traditional definition (2).

9)   What is meant by the famous EW Zimmerman quote – ‘Resources are not, they become…” (1993) (2)?

10) What are the two principle components of climate (1)? Describe the four main drivers of these components (1).

11) Compare and contrast two main approaches to understanding the relationship between population and the environment (1). How have each of these either supported or negated the popular ‘Tragedy of the Commons’ Theory (1)?

12) (FILL IN THE BLANK) is to single path while (FILL IN THE BLANK) have multiple paths and futures (2)

13) Why is the relationship between city planning and climate change a spatial problem (2)?

14) Describe how we define vulnerability (1). How does vulnerability relate to the idea of ‘double exposure’ (1)?

15) Describe the differences between organic and fair trade food systems (1)? What could an alternative to the alternatives be (1)?

\For part two of the midterm, you will write a maximum 2 page response to the following question: How does a complex approach help ensure a more equitable, just, and hopeful global environmental transformation? Provide specific socio-economic and biophysical examples (10)

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