Design a 30 minute Webinar using PowerPoint. Submit a link to your recorded webinar. Based on what you learned in the Readings and Resources, identify knowledge/skills needed by an immigrant population (or for professionals working with this population) for your webinar. Questions to think about: What knowledge and skills would you teach if you were using the ABC-X model for your outline? What if you were using the VSA model? Don’t forget you may have a very diverse audience unless you target specific groups (be sure to let the reader know your target audience). Address demographic variables such as age, ethnicity/race, socioeconomic status, etc. Your webinar should contain approximately 15 minutes of content, 10 minutes of discussion (can include polls and other interactive ideas), and 2-3 minutes for introductions (can do these a variety of ways). Submit a copy of your PowerPoint Slides containing notes.

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