Walt disney world: Does your organization have any published values?

• From the Culture Notes (Chapter 13)

o Does your organization have any published values? If so, what are they

o Is there any evidence of a strong or weak culture? o Who, if anyone, are the heroes of your organization? o If you had to select one, what type of culture do you believe exists at your company? (Customer Service, Diversity, Ethical, Sustainability and Service or ‘Whole Person’) • Globalization Notes (Chapter 14): o Is your organization, local, national (domestic), international, global? o If local, do you see any opportunity whatsoever of appealing to a foreigner or immigrant to this area? o If national or domestic, why have they remained domestic? Have they attempted to go international? o If international or global? Where are operations set up? Do they have physical locations in these areas or are they simply selling their products/services there? Is there any indication of what percentage of revenue comes from outside the U.S?


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