Vocabulary Learning Program

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Design a vocabulary learning program for a class or a student that you are very familiar with.



You should describe the overall plan and its key components. The daily implementation of the program and the tasks and activities that are used do not need to be described in detail. However, it should be possible for other teachers to read your program and be able to follow its outline to help them to reach its vocabulary learning objectives. Justify your decisions with references to the core text, the recommended readings, and outside sources that focus on vocabulary. Note: A primary purpose of this course paper is for you to go back to the readings, look at them more carefully, and relate them to each other and, in this course, to a particular educational context. Therefore, your paper will be much stronger if you have frequent references to literature on vocabulary provided in our required readings and from other sources. Readings that have been valuable in other courses may not be of value in this course unless they focus on vocabulary; I will be assessing your assignment based on the knowledge that you have gained through taking this course rather than other courses.


• Include a cover page with your name, the title of your paper, the course name, and the semester. • Use a 12-point font. • Double-space. • Leave the right edge “ragged”. • Use APA style. A copy of the APA manual is in the library. Use APA style particularly for the reference list at the end of your paper, within-text references, and within-text quotations. • While the paper may contain charts, diagrams, etc., it should be a real paper, i.e., a series of coherent paragraphs connected by transition sentences, forming a unified, organized piece. Some Main Points: No definitions. Why you choose this. What’s the value of use it. Minimum 4 months for the learning program.

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