vNAT161 Citizen Science

Perform a minimum of 10identifications, measurements or classifications for eachactivity.Note, the minimum (10identifications) gets you minimum marks. Doing 20or moreidentificationsgets you gets you full marksfor this part of the assignment.•Producea reportin PDFformatthatfor each activity:1.Describethe goalsof eachactivityyou participate in and explain their scientific significance. 2.Describethe type of classificationsor analysisyou participated in and the type of tasks that you had to do(measurements, classifications, etc). You mustincludegraphical examples.3.Reflect personally on what you learned about the specific objects while doing the classifications –was there anything that you foundsurprising, unexpected? Or, wasthe data confirming your previous knowledge about the object(s)?What you liked, disliked, was easy, or found difficult about the classificationsor analysis

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