Using the pseudo code below, write the Python program as described.

TEC361 – Final Exam (100 points)

I’m thinking of a number …

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Using the pseudo code below, write the Python program as described. Paste the code to Canvas using (100 points)

import random

chances = 4 turn = 0 storage = []

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# create a secret random number between 1 and 21 secret = ①

# print a welcome message ②

# while the user is still playing the game while True:

# ask the user for `input` and store the result as an integer num = ③

# Quit the program on `any` of the following IF conditions: # IF the user enters “Q” ④ # IF the user has guessed the `secret` number ⑤ # IF the user has used up all the `chances` ⑥

if num == “Q”: …

# Only if the both 7 AND 8 IF condtions are True: # IF input value is greater then 0: ⑦ # IF num is not already in storage: ⑧ # Add the num to the storage ⑨ # Increment turn by 1 ⑩ # (hint: only when both 7, 8 are True: 9, 10 are executed)

① hint: use a method in the random library

② You may print any welcome message you like

I’m thinking of a number … | 1

I’m thinking of a number …​

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