Using the concept map, select a hematologic disorder and complete the fields included on the map.

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After reviewing the video,Writing for an International Audience, you will compose a discussion board post ofat least 250 wordsthat answers the questions listed below. Remember that your postshould notsimply be quick answers to each of the questions. In other words, review each question, reflect on the answers, and compose a singular response that shows your understanding of this material. In fact, you may not use all of the questions in your response, but you should show a full comprehension of the material.

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1. What doeslocalizationmean in regards to business writing for an international audience? Why is it important?

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2. What are some tips to remember when writing for a piece that may be translated?

3. In terms of style of writing, how does your current style work within the context of international business writing? What would you need to adjust about your own writing to make it appropriate for an international audience?

4. There are several things you should not do when writing for an international audience. Which of these things seems to be the most important? Why? What problems do you think could arise if one were to not follow this advice?

5. How can punctuation cause a significant problem when writing for an international audience?

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