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Tips to Follow to Use a Correct Business Letter Format

Business letters are widely used in the corporate world. It is important to use the correct business letter format while communicating with business clients. This is because the appropriately written business letters enhance content authenticity.  It also makes a business matter important. Professionals or students in a business organization require being well-versed with the art of writing business letters. This blog helps to understand the tips of writing an authentic business letter.

Format of a Business Letter

A well-written business letter format has the following features: –

The Standards

  • There are a few protocols associated with business letters. The writer of business letters requires using common font-types like Times New Roman or Ariel to author a business letter.
  • While writing a business letter, maintain a one-inch margin on all the sides.
  • Indentations are not required for the block paragraphs.
  • In a business letter format, the letter writer must specify the company name as well as the sender’s address.
  • It is required to provide the date just below the sender’s address.
  • The format of a business letter must contain the recipient name, the recipient title, the name of the company, the address of the company in order.


The business letter must contain a salutation. Follow the below  attributes related to salutation:

  • If the recipient is not known to the sender, then it is required to be written: “to whom it may concern”.
  • The salutation can be Sir/Madam.

The format of a business letter helps to comprehend other aspects of the letter. Use left alignment while writing your business letters.

Business Letter Body

The business letter body is an important part of the business letter format. The following are a few aspects to write a business letter.

  • The business letter body is that part of the letter where the letter writer is expected to state the business proposal or any concern. On the contrary, if the letter is a business reference letter then the letter content is different.
  • While writing a letter body, use direct points in a well-articulated manner. The tone of the business letter body needs to be professional.
  • Creating a letter reference forms the basis of a business letter format. The letter body must have content that is lucid and can be easily comprehended by the recipient. The recipient must easily understand the letter objective upon reading the content of the letter.
  • While writing a business letter, follow the important guidelines. It is important to use active voice while writing a business letter. In this context, it is important to comprehend that a passive voice makes the letter content ambiguous. A business letter is usually conversational. Such letters help to establish a professional relationship between two individuals.
  • Business letters are strictly professional and not personal, particularly if the recipient is not known. If the letter narrates grievances, don’t use a harsh tone. Instead, use a courteous attitude.

Letter End

The business letter end has the following parts: –

  • Be specific when you are going to conclude the business letter.
  • The business letter requires the sender’s signature in full. After the full-signature, it is to provide a name as well as contact details of the sender.


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