Unit 1: Developing Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Education and Training

Task 1: Using practical examples taken from your own specialist area, analyse the pedagogical principles and theories of behaviour management that help you to evaluate the effectiveness of your use of creative and innovative approaches.

Define Behaviour management.100 WORDS



B. Explain the importance of behaviour management in the classroom, 100 WORDS


Analyse at least 4 pedagogical principles of behaviour management. Pedagogical principles: e.g. concepts of specialist knowledge, experiential learning, kinaesthetic principles, multisensory models, taxonomy of learning, mastery learning, scaffolded learning, actively engaging in learning process & shared outcomes,, 250 WORDS

Analyse other principles of behaviour management for group and individual behaviour management

•           Group behaviours, e.g. respect and valuing each other, mixing skills and abilities, opportunities for working with others, peer teaching, behaviour agreement.

•           Individual behaviour, e.g. ownership, individual involvement and choice, learning to learn, skill development, positive reinforcement, motivating. 350 WORDS


Analyse the theories of behaviour management.

 Ensure to include the following:

Include at least 3 of the ff factors previous experience, individual needs, threat, fear of change, conflict).

Include at least 4 of the ff Group behaviours: (group dynamics, v  hierarchies, group size, control, shared ownership, Tuckman’s group formation, Belbin’s team roles)

Include the ff theories: (Maslow’s Theory of Basic Needs, Herzberg’s Motivational Theory). 350 WORDS


Evaluate the effectiveness of your use of creative and innovative approaches to manage the learning environment. (First mention at least 4 approaches you used and highlight the strengths and areas of development for each approach)

e.g. of Creative and innovative approaches: learner- centred, interactive, self-directed study, extension activities, project based, practical application and practice of skills, blended learning, flexible online learning, supported independent study, promoting collaborative working, peer teaching, activity- based learning.. 350 WORDS

Evidence: Report

Word count: approximately 1500 words.


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