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What are the Types of Research Methods?

Now, you have the idea of why research is a crucial step for your academic papers. You should not feel depressed if you do not have adequate research skills. You have the option of online assignment help to enhance your skills. Furthermore, there are different types of research methods that you should know before starting your work.

Basic or fundamental research:

Conduct pure research to uncover new facts. The basic or pure research helps you to discover the fundamental principles of your research scientifically. This research method works on the bases of experiments and observations. For better understanding, you can also imagine some questions such as why the earth is revolving around the sun. What are the fundamentals of our nervous system? In this research, you will explore the scientific reasons for what is happening around us.

Applied research:

The information you collect from your basic research will apply to another research that is why it is called applied research. The applied search is all about to collect information for improving your general knowledge. It is also applied for solving some practical problems. Rather than exploratory, it leads to descriptive solutions to your answers.

Difference between basic and applied research

Topics Pure or fundamental research Applied research
Objective Problem-solving by applying an application of the discipline. Problem-solving by applying the basics of the discipline.
Approach Numerous disciplines used to solve the query. Only one approach used to analyze the problem.
Language A common language is used to compile the reports. The technical language is used to compile the reports.
Logic This research reflects the phenomena responsible for changes in most of the things. This research says no changes in variables.
Generalization No generalization is applied in basic research Generalization is preferred in applied research.

Quantitative research:

This research aims to search for numeric data or number figures. It targets quantitative analysis.

  • This research projects information on the bases of past records. It also helps to create an image of future analysis after observing the records carefully.
  • Quantitative research is helpful in developing mathematical models and theories related to a phenomenon.
  • A systemic empirical exploration of quantitative properties, phenomena, and their relationship is used to define different terms under social science.
  • Because of the quantitative research, you would provide the fundamental relationship between empirical examination and mathematical expression.
  • Statistics is one of the best examples where quantitative research is applied. Whenever you have to explain terms under economics and commerce, prefer this research in your analysis.

Qualitative Research:

  • It is a non-quantitative type of analysis. In this research, data is collected, analyzed, and interpreted based on the reviews of what people think about a specific topic.
  • Under the qualitative research, you can interpret many things using their definitions, meanings, and characteristics. It can also prefer metaphors, symbols, and descriptions to understand this research.
  • This research focuses on subjective analysis. You can use various methods for collecting information through an in-depth observation of people’s opinions.
  • It refers to an exploratory and open-ended approach. In this approach, a group of people is interviewed to justify the data.

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