Types of Research Activities

There are many types of researches and these types are described as follows:-

Generative and Exploratory Research

Generative research is usually performed unknowingly. This type of research results in defining the problem for research. This type of research work incorporates reviews of existing literature and it includes interviews as well as observing field.

Exploratory research on the contrary aims at exploring the questions related to research. Such a type of research practice is done to study the issue that does not have a solution yet. Exploratory research is done to understand the problem. The researcher engaged in exploratory research should be willing to change his or her course of research with the revelation of new data.

In this context, it is important to understand that exploratory research does not give final or conclusive answers to the research queries. It can be said that such type of research work is the initial stage of research. Exploratory research helps in making research designs. It also helps in using sampling methodology or data collection methods. This type of research deals with new problems that don’t have any solutions.

Descriptive and Analytical Researches

Descriptive researches imply surveys. They also imply fact-finding inquiries of different types. It describes the present state of affairs. Descriptive researches in business and social science uses ex post facto research. The important feature of descriptive research is that the researcher does not have any hold over research variables. The researcher can only report things that have happened or that are happening.

The ex-post factor also counts the number of attempts that are made by the researchers. Descriptive researches use research methods like various types of survey methods (co-relational or comparative). Analytical research uses facts or available information. The analytical researcher evaluates as well as analyzes the material for research.

Applied and Fundamental Research

Applied research is action-based. On the contrary, fundamental research is a pure type of research. Applied research finds a solution to a problem. The problems that applied research deals with are faced by societies or industries. Fundamental research, on the contrary, is concerned primarily with the formulation of the theory. In other words, you can say fundamental research works on mathematics.

Fundamental research is associated with human behavior.

Applied research is based mainly on conclusions. These conclusions help to address issues that are happening on a social or a business level. Applied researches help in the identification of economic, social and political trends. The objective of applied research is to search for a solution to practical issues.

Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Quantitative research shows measuring the amount or quantity. Such research applies to things that are measurable in terms of quantity. On the contrary, qualitative research is associated with quality. Qualitative researches discover the desires and motives for conducting research. Other techniques for conducting research include word association tests, sentence completion tests, and story association tests.

Opinion research is considered a kind of qualitative research. Qualitative research involves behavioral science. The objective of qualitative research is to discover the motives for human behavior. These researches help to analyze the factors affecting human behavior.

Conceptual and Empirical research

Conceptual research deals with abstract ideas. On the contrary, philosophers perform empirical research and thinkers to interpret existing concepts and develop new ones. Empirical research deals with experience as well as observations. Such type of research work is based on data and often such research comes up with conclusions that are capable of being verified by experiments or observations.

Conceptual research involves getting the facts first. Such types of researches allow the researcher to provide a working hypothesis. The researcher works with facts to prove or disprove a hypothesis. Conceptual research involves experiments on the part of the researcher. The research reflects the experimenter’s control over the research variables.

There are different types of researches that are available. Whenever a student begins a research work then the student needs to pay attention to the research work. It is important on the part of the student to select a type of research work. If a student finds tough to conduct research, they can prefer for academic experts.

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