TradCo. Marketing Report

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You have been given a role as a new Marketing Executive in a traditional company called TradCo. They make all sorts of products which they sell on to OEMs, from nuts and bolts, to fully manufactured washing machines, cookers and even ships! This they have done for their clients who then brand and sell them on. Now, as part of their growth strategy, they are proposing to manufacture and then sell products under their own name to customers and consumers

They have never taken marketing very seriously, nor have they grown fast either in recent years. They are a company dominated by sales, finance and engineering and to say they dont understand or even like marketing would be an understatement.

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This is going to have to change if TradCos strategy is to work.

Your first task is to prepare a report, 1,250 words in length – (excluding appendices) – for your CEO. In this report you need to outline a compelling case for why TradCo., needs to take marketing seriously in the future. Your boss would like to see examples or one example in detail from a company (or companies) who are in your view leaders in employing marketing as a tool for business growth, and also, to appease doubters, any academic links to theories and concepts will help with more technically minded people.

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