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Tips and Tricks to write a reflective essay 

  1. Use phrases like “from my point of view”, “I believe”. This will allow the reader to understand that the author is just expressing his views and opinions on the subject. The article does not describe any facts and stats.
  2. Explain your introductory paragraph in five to ten sentences. The opinion should be the author’s personal. You need to write a synopsis to give the reader an overview.
  3. Write your thesis in a single statement in the introduction section. Write your essay to support the thesis with strong evidence.
  4. Next is the body of your essay. Discuss each part of your essay in the body part in a single paragraph. Bind your thesis explanation with the content in the body part.
  5. Highlight the major points in the conclusion. The conclusion should specify about your experiences and the things you have learned from those experiences. Allow the reader to understand clearly, what impacts it will make in their future.
  6. A lot of research is not required to write such essays, as the content is related to your own thoughts. You just have to write in your own words to express your opinion.
  7. Don’t mention any particular person. Write about actions. Avoid the use of slangs. It is good to add some humor.

    Follow the step-by-step instructions below:

    1. Select a topic: The initial step is to choose a topic. Try to choose some positive aspects of your life. The topic may not traumatize you. Even if the experience is not enjoyable, you can make it worth reading by ending with writing the practical results and the life lessons learned. Some topics you can select are:
    • Motivational
    • Goals in your life
    • Special qualities you have
    • Anything close to your heart
    • Any past happening you can never forget
    • New experiences
    • An important conversation
    • The time when you learned something new
    • When you overcame your fear or stress
    • Emotional moments
    • Embarrassing moments
    • Any vacation you have been on
    • Magazines
    • Social media post
    • Your inspiration and dreams
    • Any book, TV show, movie or concert
    1. Analyze the topic: Before writing, spend some time to re-experience and understand the subject.
    2. Creative ideas: Describe the subject in a vivid manner. Gather all the brainstorming ideas about the topic and put them on the paper. Also, make yourself prepared before writing. Write in a tone and format that encourages the reader to read the subject. Support each point with enough evidence. The tone should reflect your character and personality.
    3. Proofread: Have the right choice of words to efficiently carry your feelings and sentiments. Avoid words that don’t describe your personality. Be honest with your writings. Examine how your opinions got changed after writing. Allow your views to flow in a hasty manner. Be ready to edit whenever required and also fix logical and grammatical errors for a professional look. Moreover, you can also use various online tools to check punctuation, grammar and proofreading it. Take the vocabulary which conveys your emotions

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"Get Help With Your Essay
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