Time, Opportunity Costs, and Risks

The Economy and You Student’s Name ECO110 – Taking Charge of Your Economic Future Professor’s Name Date of Submission



Develop an introduction to your paper and subject matter. Remember to include the purpose of the paper. The introduction explains the points that will be made in the paper.

· Attract attention with a hook.

· Write about the focus or topic.

· Include a thesis.

Pivoting Effectively

Think about how pivoting effectively helps you to maintain productivity. Have you ever been in a situation where something changed suddenly? What was the situation? How did you respond?

Time, Opportunity Costs, and Risks

Think about developing your personal financial goals. Now, consider what we have been discussing: understanding the value of your time, opportunity costs, and risks. How do those items affect your goals, plans, and productivity?


Summarize your findings.

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