this is the outline for my research



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1.       Introduction

This section tells why and how the study came about, including personal motivation, rationale, need for the study.  This section usually concludes with a statement about what researchers hope to learn.

3-5 pages

2.       Review of Literature

This section summarizes what other researchers, and theorists, have learned about the topic of your study.  Inform readers how the review is organized.  Present what you have learned, depending on how things fit together.  Complete the section with a summative paragraph which ties the review of literature together.

6-10 pages

3.       Design/ Methodology

This section indicates who (participants), what (what you tried), when (how often, how long), where (setting), why (why you chose this approach and not some other approach).

6-10 pages

4.       Changes

Few AR studies proceed exactly as planned.  Save a section to record changes from your original plans.

Whatever Needed

5.       Results

These include findings, results of analyses (tallies, frequencies, etc.), tables, graphs, graphics, and your theorizing about these.  Divide this section into subsections as you see fit.

8-12 pages

6.       Reflections

What would you do differently next time?  Do you have new questions?  What was your journey like?  How do you feel about what you have done?  What have you learned about the topic?  What have you learned about Action research?  What have you learned about yourself, your situation, and your students?

3-5 pages

7.       References

Include all of the sources referred to in the paper.  Make sure you follow APA protocol for each reference.

1-3 pages

8.       Appendices

Include copies of survey (sample only), interviews, artifacts, permission letters, excerpted research log, and whatever else is pertinent.

Varies by Study

9.       Abstract

Composed at the conclusion of the study, this is a concise summary of the researcher questions, purposes, methods, and findings/outcome(s).

50-100 words



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