Theoritical factors which leads to shift supply and demand curves.


There is no needed a table of contents. I will provide all the paperworks that I have so please try to be as much as possible stick to the criterias. The first document which I will upload will be with the assignment instructions, so please try to follow them. Please include Theoritical factors which leads to shift supply and demand curves. There is six for each- DEMAND-1. SUBSITUTE GOODS.. 2.POPULATION.. 3.INCOME.. 4.NECESSITY OF GOOD.. 5.TASTE AND PREFERENCES.. 6.PRICE EXPECTATIONS. SUPPLY- 1.COST OF PRODUCTION.. 2.AVAILABILITY TO RECOURCES.. 3.TAXATION.. 4.TECHNOLOGY.. 5.BEHAVIOUR OF OTHER SUPPLY.. 6.EXPECTATIONS. So, please go through every single one. Please try to avoid not needed numbers and prices. Please use diagrams for Increase and decrease for Supply, Increase and Decrease for Demand and one for Equalibrium and please explain shift from D1 to D2 ( just short explain on the graphs and please reference them and if it is possible use this from the papers that I am providing because the professor requires it) Please try to relate everything to POLO MINTS. Please include also a bit for storage and surplus. Also: sugar tax, research on tastes and preferences, purchases of Polo Mints, graphs and diagrams. A good introduction and conclusion. If some of the papers are not available to download please contact me to provide them because every single one is important. 

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