The united states

According to Steven Pinker, the United States (and the world more generally) is a great place that is getting better all the time. Thus, Pinker endorses Barack Obama’s 2016 statement that “If you had to choose a moment in history to be born… you’d choose now” (Enlightenment Now, 37). According to Patrick Deneen, the United States (and the world more generally) is place with many problems that are getting worse all the time. Thus, according to Deneen, “Citizens of advanced liberal democracies are in near revolt against their own government, the ‘establishment’, and the politicians they themselves have selected as their leaders and representatives” (Why Liberalism Failed, 7).Analyze and evaluatethese claims by answering the following question: Which argument about the state of America (and the world more generally) makes the most sense: Pinker’s argument or Deneen’s? Or, are they both wrong? Explain your answer.In order to answer this question successfully, your answer should dothree things: 1)Present an original argument of your own, with a thesis statement that structures your paper.2)Explain the positionsof both Pinker and Deneen(or, at least, focus on an important element of each author’s position).3)Consider strengths andweaknesses of eachauthor’sposition (i.e., arguments for-and-against either author) in light of the different theoretical frameworks that we have covered in the course (in other words, what would Allen and/or Locke and/or Winthrop and/or Rousseau and/or Mill say in favor of, or against, Pinker and Deneen).

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