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The Sociology of Family the Long-term Effects of Child Abuse.

The Sociology of Family the Long-term Effects of Child Abuse.

I only need a 1-2 page draft of my research paper by Saturday February 20th at 4 pm. It should include a little bit of each section (excluding your conclusion of course). I will be needing the whole research paper done by Friday February 26th by 10 AM.

You can find what is needed for the entire research paper on the attached upload


Sociological Research Paper Overview

Students are required to produce a well-written research paper based on a sociological topic of their interest. Students will work on this project throughout the semester and receive feedback on drafts if they so wish. The research paper must be between 8 pages in length. It must be a sociological research paper meaning a current issue or inequality/injustice of sorts that exist (there are many!)


Times New Roman font, size 12, double spaced


Paper Outline


  1. Abstract/Introduction: Introduce your topic and the reason behind choosing it (3/4 – 1 page) [Ex. The gender wage gap in the U.S. is a major issue millions of people face because women earn 75 cents to a man’s dollar. The reason behind my topic of choice is because…]


  1. Hypothesis: Hypothesize what your research will conclude. Include your hypothesis in your introduction (1-2 sentences) [Ex. I hypothesize that 30% of my surveyed population do not believe there is a gender wage gap in the U.S.]


  1. Methodology: What prior research exists? What were the findings? What will you do similarly (if so), what will you do differently, why? (1-2 pages)


  1. Your research: What method did you use? What were your findings? What could you have improved on? (2-3 pages)


  1. Conclusion: Did your research prove or oppose your hypothesis? Give an overall summation of your research and how you could further it. (1/2 – 1 page)


  1. Bibliography: APA citation (student’s choice). The Sociology of Family the Long-term Effects of Child Abuse.


In your survey/questionnaire:


  • Minimum of 10 questions [age, gender, race, ethnicity, CAN ask socioeconomic status, anonymous] *ALWAYS OFFER “PREFER NOT TO SAY”
  • minimum of 15 participants
  • Chose a certain demographic (18-25 years old, 13-19, [8 years maximum]. If you select a specific demographic, stick to your target audience
  • Avoid YES/NO questions
  • Offer multiple choice, short response/ open ended questions [mixed-methods study]
  • Any additional comments may also be included
  • Other : __________________
  • Include statistics as a scaling method
  • May include Likert scale [Strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, strongly disagree]
  • Assign the questions at random [do not ask similar questions in chronological order]
  • Be strategic in the phrasing of your questions as these questions are essentially testing your hypothesis.
    • Topic: The Gender Wage Gap

Hypothesis: I hypothesize that 70% of my participants believe in or have experienced the gender wage gap.

  • With this specific example, asking questions of your audience’s income, gender, sex, ethnicity, work experience, how much their counterparts earn, etc. are all valid questions to test this hypothesis.






You must have a minimum of three sources


Sources must include one scholarly article/book, and may include movies, shows, etc.


*The class textbooks/any required readings may count at the book if it is applicable to your topic. The Sociology of Family the Long-term Effects of Child Abuse.

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