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1. In the video, The Role of the Teacher in Changing Lives,  Jesus is described as the Master Teacher and examples are given to show how he interacted with his learners.  What can you take from this lesson to apply to your own classroom?

2. Studies by Christopher Jencks revealed that there is little evidence that school reform efforts

3. Elaborate language typically includes

4. Problems with the way classrooms operate—inappropriate curriculum and instruction, difficulty in teaching conditions, teacher perceptions of student inadequacy, large classes and negative teacher and peer expectations—and the social context thus created suggest that

5. Homogeneous grouping of low achievers has some drawbacks because teachers often

6. Technical workers, technicians, and sales personnel would probably be in the

7. Educators who adopt the environmentalist position concerning the development of intelligence would probably support

8. James Coleman’s study of U.S. public schools reported that the most important variable affecting student achievement was

9. Research that supports environment more strongly than heredity as a factor in student achievement most consistently emphasizes that

10. People who have common ancestry and generally are similar in language, religion, and other cultural patterns belong to the same

11. Socioeconomic status is used primarily to classify people by their

12. People who have common ancestry and physical characteristics are members of the same

13. The _______________________ are often the third or fourth generation to live in poverty and depend on public assistance.

14. Concentrated poverty schools are located in

15. According to proponents of the environmental disadvantage theory,

16. Advocates of resistance theory maintain that working-class students show resistance in schools partly because school norms and expectations

17. Studies show that when working-class students accept academically oriented school norms, they

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