The Role of the Health or Social Care Professional

Description of Assignment: Task 1: (word limit 850-950 words) Using the role you have decided upon for your future career, write a guide for someone who is considering following the same career path to help them make a decision as to whether or not it is the right choice for them. • Select another professional role such as nursing within the same area of work and compare and contrast the responsibilities of those roles with your chosen role. Ensure that you examine a range of common aspects and analyse the difference in responsibilities between each role (e.g. how do the responsibilities for administering medication differ between the roles?). (AC1.1, 1.2) • Include details regarding the personal skills, qualities and values someone in your chosen role requires. Make sure you are justifying a range and explain why they are important in relation to the role. (AC2.1) • Explain how the attributes you have listed for the roles vary according to the different settings a practitioner may work in. Make sure you outline the diverse nature of contemporary practice of the health or social care practitioner (AC3.1) Task 2: (word limit 500-600 words) All health or social care professionals are part of a larger multi-disciplinary team. As well as having to work within the regulations of their professional body, it is also important that they work as a team and that individuals are supervised. Write a short report which explains the reasons for this. • Using the regulatory body which governs practice in the career you have chosen, explain how they regulate practice and conduct. (AC2.2) • Examine the consequences of poor supervision or team work within the multi-disciplinary health or social care team (who would be affected and what might be the outcome for all concerned – you may wish to contextualise your explanation to a contemporary UK news story) (AC3.2)

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