The Political Research of Taiwan and China

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 English 102 Research Project In English 102 students will explore the principles of research as they engage in a quarter-long argument and research project. They will learn the principles of argument-persuasion, and will apply prewriting, drafting, and revising techniques to the crafting of one major paper. Theme Description: Border Conflicts Students will examine border conflicts around the world to better understand the relationships between countries. In probing one border conflict, students will be able to relate: the history of the regions involved, the causes of the conflict, the interests and concerns on each side, the ways in which the conflict has developed over time, the attempts at negotiation and resolution, and the effects on the parties involved and on other neighboring regions. In considering the numerous border conflicts around the world, students will reflect on several questions: (1) What are the root causes of border disputes? (2) Are there any similarities in the disputes between countries? (3) Can this comparative study shed light on possible solutions? The Prompt Write a ten- to twelve-page paper on a current border conflict. You will need to do some background research to understand the topic thoroughly. In part of the paper, you will be providing your readers with background information so that they can understand the topic as you do. However, the ultimate goal is to uncover the complexities of the problem, take a position, persuade skeptical readers to consider your position, and offer solutions. You will need to support your position with a minimum of ten varied and credible sources. At least four of the ten sources will need to come from academic databases. At least two of the ten sources will need to be print, and at least one of those print sources needs to be a book. You should take advantage of numerous websites, radio, or even television programs. Consider interviewing someone in the field, if possible. You will need to use your critical thinking skills to determine the validity and reliability of each source you use. Your sources should be current (usually not more than seven years old) unless you are providing historical background. All quotations, summaries, and paraphrases must be correctly cited and documented using the MLA documentation system. The final paper is typed and formatted in MLA. You will need a cover page, outline, and works cited page in addition to the ten to twelve pages.


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