The One Song Presentation Assignment of Jazz music

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The One Song Presentation Assignment What can one song tell you? We will be exploring the possibilities of what one song can tell us in the Seminars this quarter through a series of student presentations. This is your chance to select and present a Jazz recording to the class. The presentation, including playing the song itself, should be no more than 7 minutes in length. Prepare a visual media presentation such as PowerPoint or Keynote for the seminar students that includes the following: Material facts about the song such as the title, the name of the band or performing artist, the musicians and their respective instruments or voice, the composer(s), the recording dates, record label, the style “genre” of Jazz represented, etc. Connections between the song and society The importance of the primary performer of the song A history of the song such as considerations of other performers who may have also recorded it—a cover song List any musical characteristics you notice in the music such as tempo, texture, timbres, mood conveyed, meter, dynamics, improvisational style, etc. Your connections to the song – its meaning for you, its identity The url for the YouTube link or MP3 attachment of the music for students to listen to


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