The maritime security policy directive oversees

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The maritime security policy directive oversees the United States government marine security projects and initiatives to achieve an in-depth and cohesive national effort inclusive of the state, local, federal, and private sector institutions. The level of safety of the United States’ economy largely depends on the substantial and secure use of global waters (Szyliowicz, 2014). To guarantee this, the United States has to implement several maritime security programs such as enforcement in the use of military forces and other law enforcement personnel, advances in technology, and strengthened intelligence collection and dissemination. The directive will help manage non-state terrorist organizations that exploit and damage open US borders, thereby negatively affecting its international affairs (Beuger et al., 2017).

The maritime security policy directive plays a fundamental role in streamlining and aligning marine security US government programs in various ways. First, it promotes global navigational intelligence collection. The Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD) directs the establishment of a plan to use existing capabilities to collect and integrate intelligence worldwide. The policy also streamlines the operational capabilities to counter-terrorism and protect the US interests in the maritime domain.

Secondly, the policy has directed the establishment of an in-depth national maritime response plan that can be used to counter maritime threats (Sandoz, 2012). The program is aiming at supplementing the existing national response plan required by the homeland security policy directive. It also aims at providing critical naval infrastructure protection and creates all hazard protection goals that are a requirement by the HSPD.

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In conclusion, the maritime security policy has directed naval infrastructure development and recovery. It calls for comprehensive consultations with the main industry stakeholders to provide a minimum recommendation for federal standards for maritime recovery activities. It also caters to an in-depth national maritime infrastructure development standards and plans that are in line with the national preparedness target required by the HSPD.





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