the mandate of face masks in public places

This week’s unit lesson focuses on recommending controls for workplace hazards.  One topic that has been at the center of debate during the Covid19 pandemic is the mandate of face masks in public places.  Please share your thoughts on where you stand on this issue.  Your response post should be addressed to a classmate who does NOT share your opinion.  For example, if you support face masks mandates, your response should be addressed to someone who does not support face mask mandates.  You are encouraged to share your opinions as this is a class discussion however you are reminded to be respectful in your debates as this is a class


I am guessing that I will be on the unpopular side of this debate. I do not think face masks should be mandated in public places. However, I am not saying that they are not effective at reducing the spread of the virus. It has been shown that face masks can reduce the number of droplets and airborne particles that escape when people cough, sneeze, and even during normal conversation. At the same time, I would guess 90% of people are not wearing them correctly and taking proper precautions like not touching their masks and only wearing them once before discarding them. Also, I do not think it is right that the government can tell you you have to wear a mask in a public place such as walking down the sidewalk or in a park. To me, this is taking away from people’s freedom. If I chose to accept the risks associated with not wearing a mask that is my choice. I do try to socially distance myself from people especially if they are wearing masks and I am not. This is only respectful. If someone is that worried or offended that I could spread the virus to them because I am not wearing a mask they should keep their distance or not be out in public. Also, I am okay with private companies such as businesses and stores saying you have to wear masks. It is their property/business, and you have to respect their wishes.


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