the Great Recession multimedia piece

Use attachment to complete question  500-600 words

The Great Recession resulted in a dramatic reduction in services and programming in community colleges across the country. Read the following the case scenario, select a role of one of the employees you viewed from the Great Recession multimedia piece(Attached), and respond to the scenario questions.

Case Scenario

The governor and legislature have reached a budget agreement that completely eliminates state funding for your college district, leaving only local property tax support and student tuition as sources of funding.

You and your governing board members would like to keep both tuition costs and taxes as low as possible. But, you also need to protect the quality of educational and support services for your students.

Post your ideas concerning the following questions:

  • What issues does this scenario create?
  • What leadership competencies are involved?
  • Who should be involved in addressing the situation?
  • What actions would you take?
  • Are there lessons to be learned?

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