The furniture in our bathroom – toilet

“Toilet? What kind of furniture is that?”

We use the toilet every day; we also use chairs every day. Both of them support a seating posture, so can we consider the toilet seat a piece of furniture. Can I get a good grade by designing a toilet seat in the furniture class? Does the toilet contain similar social content with chairs, if so, what are they? Start with the History of toilet and chair, which one was invented earlier? The ergonomic behind toilet and chair, purpose. Different materials? Space, one is in the bathroom(more privacy), but the other one is more open to people. In Barbara Penner’s “We shall deal here with humble things” :”We value this space precisely because it allows us to shut out the outside world.” Why when you sit on a toilet, you are willing to reading everything around you, even the back of the shampoo bottle? s the difference between chair and a toilet is one is movable but toilet is installed in the space? Like a fixture? What’s the difference between the toilet in the western world and the eastern world? Some are luxury and are a big part in the house, but some are less important and even consider a dirty, unsanitized space. Better behind in somewhere at home. People use chairs only for seating, but we use the toilet to do other things with a seating posture. Does space where the toilet installed change the behavior? Public restroom? the restroom at home?

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