The estimated value of a leased vehicle at the conclusion of the lease contract term.



1. Across: The estimated value of a leased vehicle at the conclusion of the lease contract term.
2. Across: A guarantee that products or services meet specified requirements as factually stated by the manufacturer or as provided by a distributor.
3. Across: An official and often used online motor vehicle guide. (Two Words)
4. Across: A manufacturer’s suggested retail price as displayed on new cars in accordance with the law. (Two Words)
5. Across: A motor vehicle which exhibits serious or significant problems or defects.
6. Across: Cars which are required to pass an inspection and are provided with warranties. (abbrev.)
1. Down: A warranty that is provided in writing, and is covered under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975.
2. Down: Contracts which are essentially additional products that which may come free with a motor vehicle, or which might be available for purchase with either a new or used vehicle, and which will identify the specific items covered as well as the timeframe of coverage.
3. Down: “Factory cars” which are fleet leased and which may have been used a great deal (high mileage) but which are still under warranty.
4. Down: Practice of quoting low prices and then increasing prices by the inclusion of add-ons. (Two Words)
5. Down: The basic value or dollar-cost of a leased asset which is amortized over the life of the asset lease contract. (Two Words)


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