The effects single motherhood has on African American males joining gangs

Running head:Effects single motherhood has on African American males joining gangs 1

The effects single motherhood has on African American males joining gangs

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Rameque Smalls

Senior Research 1


Running head:Effects single motherhood has on African American males joining gangs 2


This research proposal is to shed light on the single effect parenthood has on African American

males joining gangs. Gang joining has been associated with several fundamental factors. Ideally,

the factors will vary depending on the groups of association, the youth, old and children as well.

It is primarily prudent to establish the forces making these groups have the need to get engaged

in this act. One of the fundamental and most experienced factors is single parenthood that poses

a few challenges to the youths which makes them desire to join the gang (Yoder, Whitbeck, &

Hoyt 2003). However, upon study and analysis of the various factors and situations that brings

about single-parent households, one is in a better position to understand all that appertains gang

joining and its relation with the single parentage.Additionally, every individual is, to some

extent, vulnerable and susceptible to gang joining. However, upon analysis of the most

represented group, it is revealed that African Americans are the most susceptible to gang joining

(Curry, & Spergeln 1992). This establishment is, as a result, the general atmospheres they were

brought up and the exposures they have in their lives. Research and experiences reveal that race

is always central to mindset, feelings, and above all, identity. Among the many causes of gang

joining is the mindset and need to be superior, among others; therefore, it goes without saying

that individuals with low self-esteem and identity issues will strive to revive themselves by

joining a gang.Additionally, identity has a direct link with family and parentage; therefore,

alteration of such will lead to low self-esteem and, consequently, the desire to join a gang. This is

the sole reason as to why African Americans are most vulnerable to gang joining. However,

single parentage is experienced by all races on different levels, and no race has absolute

Running head:Effects single motherhood has on African American males joining gangs 3

immunity over the same. It is therefore significant to analyze every aspect of gang joining and

the vulnerable groups as well as the apparent causes of the same. With this information, there is a

lot that can be established over how best gang joining can be reduced significantly or dealt away


Literature Review

In this age, several parents raise their children on their own. Critically, the single parentages are

brought out due to their personal choices while others out of unavoidable situations (Oakey

2006). However, all types of single parenthood are seen to have a negative influence on the kind

of children raised. The different kinds of single parentage are due to divorce, others as a result of

a death that brings about widow and widower for females and males, respectively. Moreover, a

parent may choose to pursue single parentage by running a family on their own without the

partner’s involvement. Notably, a house led by a single parent due to the death of a partner is

always a situational occurrence that occurs naturally. This means that the parent had no

deliberate choice. However, it is, all the same, hard for single parents to raise kids and meet the

daily family needs.Families led by a single parent as a result of divorce is always seen to be out

of choice as both the parties separated on account of their own decisions. However good and

relieving it may appear before the parents’ sight, there are very critical effects that the kids face

in their upbringing. Besides, there reaches a point where both the parents feel to strain in how

they manage all that life needs. Notably, houses led by single parents to parents who decided not

to engage in marriage also face quite some challenges (Oakey 2006). Several situations may lead

to this kind of parentage. It may be because the parent was brought up in such circumstances that

makes the emulate the same. Besides, it may be out of intentions to avoid the responsibilities of

Running head:Effects single motherhood has on African American males joining gangs 4

having a partner. This type of household is quite dangerous because the children may never

know who their father or mother.Reasons people join gangsJoining a gang is one of the many

endeavors that the young always want to associate themselves with. There are, however, many

reasons that motivate the young and any other individual to join a gang. Through the initial

training and inductions done to those entering a band, there is always a deep sense of identity

that one is always exposed to. They are continuously trained to be recognized because of the

activities they involve themselves in. Critically, this sense of recognition has made the majority

of the youth engage in this activity and be recruited into gang groups. Moreover, the recognition

this is always brought about by factors like single parentage that makes these young people feel

intimidated and so want to regain their identity by joining a gang.Additionally, there is always

relational warmth that is found in the gangs. The partners in this activity always interact well and

always make themselves feel loved and accommodated. Therefore, many are motivated to join a

gang because they believe in the fellowship that exists in the gang. Ideally, this is always brought

about by the fact that there is the luck of such in their homes and therefore seek to find the

brotherhood in their respective gang groups. Notably, in single-parent households, there is

always a lack of an interactive environment for the members of that particular family (Oakey

2006). Therefore, the kids raised in such families always see the need to find a place where they

can be accommodated and loved, therefore resolve to join a gang.Protection seeking is one of the

motivations that make youth join a gang. Many situations in life exposes people, especially

young people, to high insecurity issues. This state of consciousness makes most of them get the

urgency to join the gang because they believe that it will serve best to give them a high sense of

protection. Most often, the households most affected by insecurity issues are those that are led by

Running head:Effects single motherhood has on African American males joining gangs 5

a single parent; more specifically, the families that are driven by mothers alone probably because

of widow situation. In this kind of environment, there is always a need to get security and

protection from the kids and, therefore, many resolve to join a gang to get it. Besides,

single-parent houses still face intimidation from the public face, and therefore children will

always have the desire to get protection by joining the gang.Impact of geographical location has

a big choice in their decisions,There are a lot that a geographic location can speak regarding the

levels of gang joining happening in the society. In areas where a significant number of youth are

seen, participating groups may bring about the influence of others joining the act. Moreover, in

areas where there are a lot of gang activities, there may be motivations to join the sake to get

protection from the same. Civilization brings in respect of humanity and good morals. However,

in areas where the population is not civilized, they may engage in harmful activities like joining

the gang. This is solely because of a lack of moral uprightness. Indeed, there is a lot that

single-parent households can do to an individual, making them seek to join a gang (Oakey 2006).


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