The case for bilingual schools

Description The Case For Bilingual Schools. Introduction: This report follows up a request dated 11/13 requesting input concerning the question of public bilingual schools in Florida. Using on-line research, this report offers three reasons why Florida schools should be bilingual. In the conclusion, the report presents a possible solution. First, bilingual schools are necessary because they can help children immigrants to adapt better. Since they are coming in a new language environment, the use of their native language can make a difference in their academic success. Moreover, bilingual schools are necessary because enriches cultural knowledge. “People of other cultures approach problem solving, personal interactions, and learning differently.” (Estela 1) Most importantly, bilingual schools are necessary because bilingual children have an academic edge. “Early bilingualism confers benefits such as improved academic outcomes in school, and it enhances certain cognitive skills, such as executive functioning.” (Linda 1) To conclude This is the Format. The intro it has to be like this, leave it. 

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