The business of hype (Academic Thesis Writing)

The subject is “How luxury brands influence psychologically and emotionally their customers online ?” I am focusing on “The business of Hype” and how brands customers are influence toward “product drops” released by brands such as Supreme or Yeezy I already wrote about 10 pages. However, my litterature review is still weak and I conducted an interview to few candidates to based my research upon (I will obviously send it to you) Here are somme recommendations : The next steps are to follow proper research results reporting. Look at research articles on the topic to get an idea on how it is done. You can also follow the steps given in any research methods textbook. The most importanty will be to discuss your reseults in relation to research theories, which you have identified in your introduction. Some suggestions / comments: 1) Make sure to have a critical literature review: don’t just describe, engage with it! 2) identify clearly the gaps in the literature, which your research is addressing. 3) Justify the methodology 4) When you find an interesting reading, use reverse citation on Google Scholar to find more recent articles citing this one. Theories vs facts: – theories come from journal articles and help us to predict / explain behaviours – facts come from industry reports, industry databases Theoretical framework: – Literature review and theoretical framework: you should review only material that is relevant to explain what you are looking at; that is, focus on a few theories or concepts that are necessary for the reader to understand your work Writing the literature review: – usually you can safely read academic 15-20 articles, if these are on the topic – no need to read each article from beginning to the end – be selective with the sections you read: some of them are useful for the theory and literature they review, others will be useful for the method used, and finally some will have some interesting findings you want to cite – At some point you may reach ’saturation’ meaning you will not read an article that brings new ideas – that a good sign you can stop reading! – Generally speaking, few papers if any will look exactly at what you are looking at – otherwise why would you look into it? The main difficulty when you do research is that you will never find the exact work / existing research you want. You will have to divide the work into different keywords and try to find relevant material for these different keywords. General advice: – Justify everything: your choice for industry, population, background… – What point of view are you taking? Point of a company / consumers / 3rd party? – Title: be specific: what are the concepts you are using, the methods, and the target population you are studying Structure: Structure of a thesis: follow a research article structure from a good academic journal (e.g. journal of consumer 1. Introduction / if need be, background information 2. Literature review / conceptual framework 3. Methodology 4. Results 5. Discussion, including limitations of your research and future research 6. Conclusion What should be the length of each section of your thesis? Roughly speaking: 1/3 goes to the introduction / literature review (and it should be mostly lit review) 1/3 goes to the methods section and results section 1/3 goes to the discussion and conclusion Writing the methods section: – Read textbooks on methods – Justify why quantitative or qualitative research – Justify the analyses you plan to conduct too

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The business of hype (Academic Thesis Writing)
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