the book of the dead

the book of the dead Description It is said that one truly learn something only after writing about it or teaching someone else about it. That is one of the several reasons why many classes require researched essays/papers. In this class, the writing assignment is a short researched paper where you will be researching a particular Cultural Icon and the relating not only what you found out, but how you see that particular Icon as relevant in the study of the humanities. Throughout the course we have seen (and will continue to see) items and locations (buildings) that allow us to understand a particular aspect of that culture or time period because it is “iconic.” By “iconic,” I mean that that particular item contains or portrays a particular set of ideas or beliefs that it has helped us decode some aspect of that civilization. In this paper, you will have to pick from one of the icons listed below (you can also request another one not listed below, but you would have to ask for permission first). Then, you need to do some research to find out more about that particular icon and write a 5-6 page paper that has the following information: 1) A brief description of that icon 2) A history of the icon, including where it is now if applicable (as much as we know about it) 3) A discussion of what we have learned about the culture it belongs to because of that icon or icons like it 4) A discussion of which of the humanities does this icon help us understand (For example, a funerary object helps us understand religion and beliefs of the afterlife) 5) Any controversies surrounding this icon if applicable 6) Any other information that you would like to provide about what you researched Now, I do not want you to just read a Wikipedia article and then summarize it. I can read that too. The purpose is for you to do some research (and learn how to do research) because it will help expose you to other ideas that are related to your subject.

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