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The assessment for this module consists of an individual portfolio that includes two main component

Coursework Brief: Assessment Description and Format Guidance: The assessment for this module consists of an individual portfolio that includes two main components: – The Analysis Report for Target Product/Service/Event for your Portfolio and Reviews on Existing Marketing Campaign where you explain, rationalise and justify the campaign you propose to be executed and – The Creative Social Media Marketing Execution Plan and Portfolio In any creative department, the strategical perspective on Digital Marketing is encouraging marketers to deliver new ideas for campaigns that are communicated via various social media platforms to target different segments. For this module, you are asked to demonstrate your creative capabilities and to synthesise your knowledge in order to plan and execute a social media-driven marketing campaign to maximise the customer engagement for a product/service/event promotion, and to explain and rationalise the design of this campaign. You will be focusing mostly on what messages you create, how you can induce customer engagement using social media to transmit the message to a target segment. To complete the coursework successfully, you can firstly select the specific product/service/event. The target industry is not limited to a large company – you can also pick up the product from a SME, even you can set up the promotion plan for a small café in your town – as this could be seen as a service. When deciding on your product/service/event, discuss with the lecturer to make sure the proposal is viable. The product/service/event existed or will exist in the future and it is not supposed to be the result of your imagination. Once you select the product/service/event, then you will be expected to explore and review the existing company (for example, if you want to propose ‘new iPhone’ marketing plan, then you can investigate the social SEMESTER 2 2019/20 media strategy of other mobile phone vendor or iPhone’s previous marketing strategy). An existing marketing strategy can be reviewed from the theoretical perspectives which are covered during the term by coupling practices and theories properly. These will be the main contents of the first component, “The Analysis Report for Target Product/Service/Event for your Portfolio and Reviews on Existing Marketing Campaign.” Based on the first component, you are supposed to plan the “creative social media marketing portfolio”, which is the second component of the coursework. Based on the product/service/event you choose in the first component, you will create the planning report to execute the social media marketing strategy which is a major marketing communication approach to induce customer engagement. Also, you are expected to create social media marketing portfolio which will be the interaction point with customers. You can use any types of social media platform (i.e., Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc) and also any types of postings (Photo, audio, video, simple post, story, etc). All sections and the required appendices presented below are mandatory for the individual coursework. For any missing part, you will have the mark reduced by 20%. Please consider the word count specifications. Your report should be supported by relevant marketing literature. Furthermore, the report asks for your insights, and ability to apply theoretical concepts and models critically. There is no need to redefine or re-explain theoretical concepts that were covered in the module, but rather make use of them to support your presentation. Explore and extend your reading beyond core texts.

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