Texas A & M University Psychology Multitasking and Cognitive Abilities Essay




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Explanation & Answer length: 2 pages

For this assignment you will write a minimum 3 page expository essay analyzing the cognitive
processes of attention, performance, and mental imagery and how they are impacted by driving
while engaging in competing task demands. Specifically, there is a great deal of evidence that
suggests that making telephone calls can reduce the ability of a driver to perform this task well.
Include the following in your paper:
● Analyze the research on divided attention focusing on multitasking and how it applies to the
following situations:
○ Driving while talking on a telephone.
○ Driving while talking to a passenger in the car.
○ Driving while talking using a hands-free device.
○ Driving while texting.
● Discuss the difficulty of switching attention from one task demand to another.
● Examine the role of mental imagery in improving task performance.
● Examine the automatization of cognitive processes and whether problems with divided
attention can be overcome utilizing mental imagery and practice. Will this reduce the dangers
of multitasking while driving? Why or why not?

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