Tell the reader what is the subject matter of the video/article and a short summary of the content.

Below are the five questions you must answer in each review.

1. Tell the reader what is the subject matter of the video/article and a short summary of

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the content.

2. Then give an account of the positive aspects of it—expressiveness, clarity of the

message, staying on subject, usefulness, etc. Do NOT review the cinematography or

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the opinions of the protagonists/antagonists . This is not a course on cinema.

3. Another account on the negative aspects but NOT the cinematography or the

opinions of the protagonists/antagonists in the films. Some documentaries are nearly

100 years old, or taken on a cell phone camera impromptu. Naturally they will be black

& white, grainy, or totally amateurish technically).

4. Follow this by another account explaining how helpful the film/article is to you to

better learn the course subject matter.

5. The last section should be your personal opinion: did you like it or not and why?

The five answers should be more or less about the same in length.

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