How can You Tell if You have been Plagiarized?

People may think that it’s easy to figure out if your writing has been plagiarized, but it’s not always that simple. Many parents and students have a false belief that plagiarized work belongs to authors who steal other people’s books. As a loose definition, any plagiarizing of other people’s writing is considered theft. It is a serious crime when it comes to submitting any educationally related work, plus stealing someone else’s thoughts or ideas that are documented in an online site is counter-productive to the student learning process. It never is a good idea to do this, and generally, it is considered only to be done by lazy students. But, how do you know if you have been plagiarized? Keep reading to find out.


What a lot of people don’t understand is that taking phrases or sentences from free sites falls into the category of plagiarism. Sites that offer information for free still own all of the intellectual property from the writing contained within their sites. Copying any of it is legally considered to be committing a crime. All students need help sometimes to get homework answers that are accurate and correct, and there are tools and sites available for assistance. However, copying and pasting from other internet sites is never considered to be the right way to go about getting good quality homework done. There are plagiarizing testing sites available wherein you can enter your text and run a diagnostic check. But even these are not foolproof because people can change the sentence structures or a word here and there and pass the test.


In the fast-paced, high pressure life most people lead these days, it is tempting to push your homework and other assignments to the last minute. When you are in that situation, it can be really tempting to get online and pull homework answers from general websites. However, that’s not exactly the best thing to do because you could be accused of plagiarism. Instead, you should use a dedicated site for homework help.

Rules are Important

Only one rule should apply when it comes to seeking out help with homework answers: that students are confident that their homework produced was a result of their understanding and reading comprehension. The thoughts, ideas, and expressions put forward should come from original understanding. Otherwise, the risk of being accused of plagiarizing the content remains. Writers who have been found intentionally plagiarizing someone else’s work would likely say that it was not worth it. It’s good advice to remember to act with ethics when it comes to doing homework by giving yourself enough time to prepare and get the job done.


Knowing well in advance what homework is required and knowing where to find the correct homework answers is vital to getting good grades. Doing this can provide a clear understanding of the topic to the student as well as giving much-needed confidence knowing that the work was their own.  There is help available to students who genuinely want to do well with their studies and are willing to put in the effort to get good grades.  It’s a worthwhile suggestion to seek out the professionals in the industry to get that particular kind of help for all of the quality homework answers ever needed, rather than resorting to plagiarism!

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