Teen and Young Adult Drug Rehabilitation

Identify a community resource in your community for the treatment of drug use among children and adolescents. The resource must be used in Minnesota.The paper that assesses a Treatment Center needs to answer all of the following questions: Explain how the treatment center uses each of the research-based principles. How does treatment address the needs of the whole person, rather than just focusing on his or her drug use? Explain how vocational, mental health, medical, educational, HIV/AIDS, legal and educational services are addressed. How is assessing for a past history of physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse or other trauma completed and addressed? How is monitoring for drug use during treatment completed? How long is treatment? Is it greater than the recommended minimum of 3 months? Is testing for sexually transmitted diseases including HIV, Hepatitis B and C a part of treatment. Explain the treatment setting. Is it Outpatient/ Intensive Outpatient, Partial Hospitalization, or Residential/Inpatient Treatment setting? Explain the behavioral approach(es) used. Who delivers the therapies and how are they trained? Do they use Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Contingency Management, Motivational Enhancement Therapy and/or Twelve-Step Facilitation Therapy? Explain the family-based approach(es) used. Do they use Brief Strategic Family Therapy, Family Behavior Therapy, Functional Family Therapy, Multidimensional Family Therapy, and/or Mutlisystemic Therapy? Are addiction medication used for Opioid, Alcohol, and/or Nicotine Use Disorders? If so, which ones? Explain which recovery support services are used or provided by linkages. Do they use Assertive Continuing Care, Mutual Help Groups, Peer Recovery Support Services, and/or Recovery High School? Does the resource measure effectiveness? If so, how effective are the services? If not, why not? you want a essay of 1000 words that covers the info above.

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