Ted Talk by Angela Duckworth on GRIT 1

Running head:  Ted Talk by Angela Duckworth on GRIT 1


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Ted Talk by Angela Duckworth on GRIT 2



Nguyen Ngoc Bao (Bryan)

Student ID: 301024617

Video Case assignment 2a

Management & Leadership (SEC. 001)

Teacher: Andrea Rennie

Centennial College

June 21, 2020































 Ted Talk by Angela Duckworth on GRIT

Q1. What readings does this Ted Talk relate to?  Explain. Why is Grit important?  / 5 marks

Ted Talk by Angela Duckworth one GRIT, talks about the importance of persistence in success. “GRIT” is a precise, definite combination of passion, enduring challenges, the ability to rise after failure, willpower and concentration, allowing one to uphold discipline and spirit, despite all the objections, inconveniences, lack of visible progress for years, even decades, optimistic about pursuing them to the end of their goals.

Today, more and more research on perseverance shows that the ability to work hard, endure hardships, and challenges, fail and try again, with more effort can be the key to each person’s long-term success and happiness. This video of Angela lets us conclude “GRIT” in a remarkable way. She gave up her teaching job to choose a more rigorous research job. She discovered that successful people are not only due to IQ and talent but because they have perseverance and determination when learning to do something. Angela’s journey may be related to the managerial role her job requires. She chose to fully understand the work she undertook and managed to deepen the core of what helped students succeed. Management and leadership strategies help a flexible arrangement of strategy, operations, and situation analysis for better handling. It is essential to demonstrate perseverance in the management and leadership strategy. Moreover, the manager and the leader are people who have determination, and passion and overcome all difficulties and failures to succeed. When managers and leaders have “GRIT,” they will have a vision, withstand challenges and be consistent with their decisions.

After the video, we can see that “GRIT” is essential to everyone in general and managers and leaders in particular. Inborn talent is not the only factor determining the success or failure of each person. Because besides that, the key to success is something that anyone can build and train: endurance.

Q2. Apply this to your real life. How can this knowledge be helpful?  / 5 marks 

Persistence and passion are the keys to success. When you can persevere with your long-term goals, short-term setbacks, or short-term difficulties will no longer be a big problem to lead you to success. So we need to cultivate perseverance in life like:

a) Search for passion (or at least what makes people interested): Everyone has to admit that you will have to go through a challenging time to pursue the goals you are not interested in. So the first step to improving endurance is to find something that interests you. However, this does not mean that you sit there, straining your eyes to see your passion. According to Angela Duckworth, go out and try new things until you find your true love. Once you’ve found your passion, find an ideal image, a mentor, and a sibling to help you perfect yourself. As I have an extraordinary passion for marketing, I try to learn a lot of marketing knowledge.

b) Practice, practice, practice: There are days when the iron grinding process – The hard work will lead you to success. Hard work and study will gradually build up the skill. Once mature in an area, people tend to engage and are willing to work harder in that field. Once you’ve found your true passion, try to do a little more each day, and compete with yesterday’s friends. English is not my mother tongue, but I always try to improve my vocabulary, read books, listen to music, and be able to speak English like a native.

c) Towards a higher purpose: People who connect with higher goals are more persistent. People work not for their success, but take a step back and understand what you do that contributes to those around you.

d) Believe that everything is possible: If you want to achieve your goals, you must first believe that everything is possible. By limiting yourself, thinking that you are incapable, the intangibles you’ve made yourself depressed – the negative effect on endurance. In the long run, always limiting yourself will leave you with no motivation to try and keep on moving toward your long-term goals. Whenever I’m tired or frustrated, I remember my family and why I went to study in Canada. When I fail, it will be a lesson for me to gain more experience in the future.

Q3.  Research a leader that you believe has GRIT and explain. / 5 marks

Jack Ma, inspired persistence and aspiration to rise from poverty. From an early age, Alibaba’s boss is someone who is not afraid of his more prominent opponent and never gives up. Jack Ma is the inspiration for so many people around the world. He grew up during a difficult period in China, twice failing to see the university door closed in front of him. Still, thanks to his relentless learning efforts, he passed the entrance exam to Hangzhou Normal University. He was born into a low-income family and had no money to learn English, so he had to get up early to go to the hotel with many foreigners to tell them to teach him English. And more than that, new graduates have to go through a challenging first phase of applying for jobs, rejected by dozens of companies, including KFC, and failed in their early two startups. But with his perseverance and passion, it was not the third time that Jack Ma succeeded with his Alibaba company. Four years later, after two failed startups, Jack Ma gathered 17 friends in his apartment and persuaded them to invest in an electronic market he called Alibaba. Immediately, this platform attracted customers all over the world. By October 1999, Alibaba had raised $ 5 million from Goldman Sachs and $ 20 million from SoftBank. Jack Ma once told employees, “we will do it because we are young and never give up.” The Ma “GRIT” spirit shows us that leaders must have vision, perseverance, strong will and the ability to work hard, endure hardships, challenges, failures, and retry. Further effort is the key to each person’s long-term success and happiness. When we pursue a big goal, we don’t know when we can succeed until we do it.



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