Team Dysfunction In The War Zone: Academics vs. The Non Academic

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I’m looking for ideas that you might like to write about. Personal experience with your current or past organization can be useful rather than looking only at a popular successful company. In both instances, documentation from evidenced based research from respected sources will be used to support your observation. It’s easy to find an anecdotal story written in a magazine or newspaper, however without evidence that the practice has been demonstrated in several environments it’s not necessarily transferable to another organization. For example, a leader may practice a collaborative behavior however has no knowledge of the theory regarding that behavior. That leaders behavior may not work in a different culture.


Making note of the culture required for successful collaboration is key to your writing. Another example might be a team which is dysfunctional. Here your paper focus is on the strategy to improve their functioning, again, citing evidenced based research and theory in practice. RESOURCE SUGGESTIONS TO USE: (Additional resources attached) 1. The End of the Team as We Know it / What is Teaming? (4:05 mins.): n8 2. Psychological Safety (TEDxHGSE – 11:26 mins.): X8 3. READINGS: Teaming to Innovate by Amy Edmondson ( Part 2) (read entire book -30 pages for both classes) • Fail Well (three types of failure: preventable, complex, and intelligent) and the concept of scaling.

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